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Welcome to the Wiki!

GoodBlox is a free online Multiplayer game, which aims to bring back the feel of 2009 ROBLOX. Our mission is to provide the most authentic old ROBLOX experience as possible, as recreated from archive pages on January 2009. Here on GoodBlox, you are given a variety of objects and left to do whatever you want. With your free account, you get a Character and a Place. You can customize your place and character however you want, and visit anyone else's place as well.

This wiki is still undergoing restoration, so you might encounter some dead pages. Check back later if you do!

Help Center

Here are the top frequently asked questions by category. Not listed? Check over here and see if you can find it. Still nothing? Try asking on the GoodBlox forums or you can request an edit.

Getting started.
How do I use the weapons?
How do I move bricks?
How do I get a t-shirt?
How do I sell a t-shirt?
How do I make Shirts and Pants?
How do I make hats?
How do I get Builder's Club?
How do I get Badges & Robux?
How do I ask people to be my friend?
How can I save old versions of my place?
How advertising works

Info on Lua scripting.
GoodBlox Lua Documentation
How do I script?
How do I make my own weapons?
How do I make weapon buttons?
How do I add in commands?
How do I make VIP doors?
How do I ban people from my place?
How do I make VIP shirts?
How do I create a Plane?

GoodBlox Studio
Studio and basic building.
How do I build my place?
How do I Add Tools to a Map?
How do I start GoodBlox Studio?
How do I publish models?
How do I add in Teams?
How do I publish my place?
How do I get cool stuff for my place?
How do I put a figure into my place?
What's the difference between Anchored and Locked?
How do I make my place bigger?

Technical Support
Issues, such as graphics drivers, play issues, and bugs.
Machine Requirements
I can’t install/update GoodBlox!
I can’t play online games!
I can’t play any games!
GoodBlox doesn’t like my graphics card! (a.k.a. "Graphics failed to initialize")
Everything runs really slow all the time
Nothing happens when I click buttons on the website!
Help! My limbs keep moving all the time!
Help! My Goodbux/Tickets are gone!
Help! I've been hacked!

Before you edit..

Before contributing to the wiki, please read the GoodBlox Wiki Editing Policy. As of today, the Goodblox Wiki encompasses 507 articles and 164 files, all created by the welcoming GoodBlox community.
See Goodblox Wiki Stats


Community Guidelines
The rules and regulations of GoodBlox.

Building and Scripting Help
Quick-Start you off with all the basics you need to know.

Badges, Rankings, Stats, and Goodbux
How to move up in GoodBloxia.

Lua Help
GoodBlox Lua Scripting, and how to do it.

GoodBlox Studio
The GoodBlox Studio, great for building.

Player Created
Show off all the stuff you've made, and more.


Goodblox HQ
Who works at GoodBlox?

GoodBlox Billing & Support
Resolve billing questions & technical issues.