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Users can make meshes and hats, however they cannot be sold. The "glitch" that was used to add meshes to a game was removed because of places becoming too large, and slowing things down for everyone.

Meshes can only be made with 3D modeling software, however you can using the hat object in Edit is perfectly fine. Administrators are the only people who can sell hats and upload meshes to the Catalog. You can request a hat to any of the Staff, but there's not a big chance it will be made.


*Items crossed out are deprecated. Normal users shouldn't need to use them.

  • Time and Patience.

* 3D modeling software(paint may not work)

    • This must be able to export to the .3DS model format or some format that Anim8or can use.
    • Anim8or can use this script to export to a GoodBlox mesh.
  • Software for making textures.
    • This can be any image editor. Microsoft Paint is free and comes with Windows. Calagari is also free, simple , and easy to use. "Paint.NET" is also a very good alternate, and free, image editor.

Notes on Textures

Textures can be made with almost any image editing software. You must not make a [Tessellation tiled texture]. A tiled texture is a texture which is repeated across a model. This is done by moving the UV coordinates to a position greater than 1 or less than 0. GoodBlox does not accept repeating textures.

The Hat Object

See Main article: GBX.lua.Hat (Object)

The hat object itself uses a set of coordinates to place something in a specific spot on your Character. For the object to be placed on you, the Part inside of the hat object needs to be named "Handle". It does not need to have a mesh inside of it, although they make it look cooler.

3D Modeling Software for MESH creation

For the creation of SpecialMeshes. They cannot be added to the game as of now, but are cool to make.

  • 3DS Max
    • The program that Roblox Devs used to make hats with, and probably still do
    • Cost: $400(Student edition)
  • Blender
    • A good free 3D modeling software.
    • Cost: Free
  • ZModeler
    • Another alternative modeler
    • Cost: Free
  • Carrara 3d Basics
    • An easy to pick up modeler, many tools included.
    • Cost: $100
  • Anim8or
    • Yet another alternative modeler
    • Cost: Free

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