How do I add in Teams?

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Teams are game objects that allow you to have a team game in your world. Recently, a lot of questions have been asked as to how to get teams into your map. Here is an easy way to do that.


First, go to the Toolbox (Insert) and click on Game Objects. Then, click on any color team spawn. Finally, place the spawn loacation wherever you want the team to be located. I suggest you rename the teams with the explorer.

To add in an undecided team or a team that everyone starts at, you must use the explorer and the properties at the same time. To get new people to go in the same spawn, you must use in the properties something called 'Auto Assignable' and check it off on all except the one you want everyone to start at.

Changing team names and colors

1. Open GoodBlox Studio

2. In the View > Explorer window, open "Teams" by clicking on the "+" to make it a "-".

3. Select the team that you want to make changes to.

4. In the Properties menu, next to "Name," change the team name to what you want to call it. If you want to change the color, just use the arrow next to the color, and choose that team's color.

Step #2
Step #4

The Old Way To Get Teams

  1. Insert --> Object --> Teams.
  2. Insert --> Object --> Teams. (Do this two times, once for each of the teams you want to make).
  3. Drag the two Team objects to the Teams object and edit the color on the Team objects by selecting them and changing the property.
  4. Add the Leaderboard object from the Game Objects section from the Toolbox(insert).
  5. To rename the Teams, click the Team object, look at its Properties, and change the Name of the Team.