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GoodBlox Studio

GoodBlox Studio is the editing program used to create games on GoodBlox. It can be found in where you extracted the GoodBlox client to, under the name Robloxapp.exe. It has 3 modes. Each one helps you in a different way. Compared to the Solo way of editing, it's a lot harder, but when you finish, it's worth it.

It also has several other features such as model sharing and physics.


GoodBlox Studio gives you 3 modes to play, build, and test places. Each one is different from the the other.

Edit mode

See Main Article: Edit

Edit mode is a feature in GoodBlox Studio that allows you to edit all or most parts of a Place, without anything moving (sort-of like time has stopped). It gives you an expanded view of your place and a camera that can be easily controlled using the W, A, S, and D keys. Objects such as Models and Scripts can easily be imported and exported from the studio.


To copy and paste things in GoodBlox, simply select what needs to be copied, and press Ctrl+C. That copies what is selected. Then, press Ctrl+V to paste it.

Solo mode

See Main Article: Solo mode

Solo mode is very similar to edit mode in nearly every way, except in the fact that time is running and your character is loaded. It can be used to test things that normal users can see when visiting in Online mode. Solo mode also gives you access to the hierarchy of GoodBlox (e.g., the Workspace, Parts, Scripts, et al).

Note: Time can be run in Edit mode.

Online mode

See Main Article: Online mode

Online mode allows you to visit a place while over the internet. Through this you can meet other players and play in other people's places. Note: You can't edit the place you visit in online mode.


GoodBlox Studio provides several tools to help build, script, and test objects, places, and even to view the main GoodBlox webpage.

Script Builder

See Main Article: Scripting

GoodBlox Studio provides a built-in Lua editor. From here, scripts can be created from scratch. Be sure to exit from the editor before testing and/or saving a script.

The Output

There is an output section in GoodBlox Studio that allows you to view mistakes you have made in your script (should you have time running). It tells you where you've made a mistake and sometimes gives small hints as to what should be there.

The Command Bar

The command bar is used solely to run one line of Lua. (e.g. game.Workspace.PlayerNameHere.Head:Remove()) Larger lines of code must be run in the Lua editor.

Movement Bar

This bar has four tools that can move objects in your place.

  • "Rotate Objects" moves an object to the left.
  • "Tilt" Rotates an object vertically.
  • "Move Up" and "Move Down" move an object up or down.


See Main Article: Drag

This allows you to move objects with your mouse.

Move on Axis

See Main Article: Move on Axis

This allows you to move an abject on its X, Y, or Z axis. Use this tool more if you are moving 100+ bricks because lag will not occur if GoodBlox Studio only has to change one value (the axis you are moving on) for each brick.


See Main Article: Resize

This resizes bricks. It is very similar to the move on axis tool because it gives you four dots that you can use to stretch an object on its axis.

The Others

Other tools include:

  • Lock -Locks an object.
  • Anchor - Anchors an object.
  • Fill with Color -Colors an object.
  • The surface changers - Allows you to change the surface of a Part into a Smooth, Weld, Glue, or Peged surface.
  • Velocity - Locked (you cannot use it)


Aside from each set of unique tools, there are several settings that can improve play and help you out.

Object Browser

The Object Browser is a large group of Class names, their properties, and others that give you a list of things that can help you script. Some of them, however are locked for experimental or security purposes.


See Main Article: Bevels

The only settings that I know are safe to turn on/off are Bevels. They make every Part in the game have a 45° Wedge in their edges. Some say it make the bricks look like candy. They are automatically turned on if you frame rate is high. (Other wise, it is a good idea not to turn them on. It would cause major lag.)

Test Solo

The Visit Solo Mode is a very useful way to test scripts without having to save, exit, and come back.

You can start it by clicking Tools-Test-Play Solo.

You'll appear as the character name, "Player".

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