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When you first register for GoodBlox, you get a Character and your very own Place.


The default Place for a new User starts out as house. You can change this by editing it or going into it and Saving the changes you made. If you don't want anyone there while you're making changes, see Solo mode.

If you made an un-wanted change, you can revert it to whatever state you previously had it. Just click on the 'Configure' button bellow your place's description. Also, when you Visit someone else's Place, or someone visits your Place, they cannot save the changes that are made, unless the owner saves it. To undo accidental changes, you can roll back the version of the place using "Configure this place"/Version history.

While it isn't very important, all places are made of XML.


While you're in the configuration, you can change the place name and its description. You can also make it 'Friends Only' or 'Public'. You can also disable place comments.

Making Your Place

Note: It is a good idea to save every 10-15 minutes while working on a place, as GoodBlox Studio is unstable, and may crash. It is also good to save a copy of the finished map on your computer, just in case the upload messes up, or something else happens. See: Place Versioning

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