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All of these people make up the GoodBlox Team.


The Hardworking Staff Team

  • kjf - CEO/Owner
  • Mehrio - Creative Director
  • Dylan
  • ezra
  • jackgamesftw
  • Josh
  • Mr. Pinball
  • Razorboot
  • xyrafrost


Community Council

  • blocy
  • DuckHunt
  • Person
  • SyncMaster
  • tie
  • tmb


Wiki Editors

  • Cataskeri
  • Dylan
  • pee
  • pizzaboxer
  • xyrafrost

What do these people do?

Staff Team - Develop and moderate GoodBlox.

Event Assistant - Are volunteers who help out with events and other GoodBlox activities.

Community Council - Users who provide feedback on decisions regarding events and GoodBlox's future. They can also moderate the forum, and some can moderate asset uploads.

Wiki Editors - Users who can edit the wiki.