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Lua is a versatile, interpreted programming language with a simple grammar. Because Lua can easily be embedded into applications, it is frequently used in games, such as World of Warcraft, Far Cry and Baldur's Gate.

Lua is used in GoodBlox by users to add in customized content, like cars that drive, new weapons, etc.

See the official Lua website and the Wikipedia article for more information.


LuaCode.png Flowcharts LuaCode.png Your first script LuaCode.png Loops
LuaCode.png Variables LuaCode.png Conditional statements LuaCode.png Generic for
LuaCode.png Basic math LuaCode.png String LuaCode.png Bool

Flat Scripting

LuaCode.png Absolute beginner's guide to scripting LuaCode.png How to make text on a brick LuaCode.png How to add messages
LuaCode.png Intro to Scripting: Make a Dance Floor LuaCode.png Explaining Scripts LuaCode.png Scripting
LuaCode.png Functions LuaCode.png Random numbers LuaCode.png In-Depth Scripting Guide

More advanced

LuaCode.png Built-in functions LuaCode.png Intro to Scripting: Make an Invisibility Tool LuaCode.png Teleportation
LuaCode.png How Do I Make Morphs? LuaCode.png How to Make Conveyor Belts LuaCode.png Tables
LuaCode.png Color Reference LuaCode.png How do I make VIP doors? LuaCode.png How to Make Ramps