Rocket Arena

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Tagline: This map goes back to basics: rockets, jetboots, and blowing up bridges. Out-maneuver your foes using your jetboots, cut off their escape by nuking the bridges, and rain doom down upon them using a rapid-fire rocket launcher. But don't fall in the lava - ouch!

First Introduced: January 2007




In the Rocket Arena, rockets reload around four times as fast, or two seconds. You can also use the JetPack tool, which allows you to fly for around 10 seconds, although it takes fifteen seconds to reload. You can also build walls, which last for five seconds and takes five seconds to reload. If you fall in the red, semi-transparent lava, it counts as a KO, or KnockOut, as if a rocket hit you.

Special Map Settings


  • 4 hits with Rocket can knock down a bridge (One on the top of each pillar at the point where it splits).
  • If you do not select any weapons/tools, you can use the GameTool.
  • The jump boots allow you to fire from above and be almost invincible.

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