BrickBattle Guide: Wall Builder

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Wall Builder Uses

  • Walling off an area. The Wall Builder can be used to deny access in tight spaces like the secret passage under Blackrock Castle or in the Battle Cube in Chaos Canyon. This can give you time to: make a getaway if injured, get reinforcements if out-numbered, or allow your weapons to cool down.
  • Waste enemy fire power. In a 1-on-1 battle, if you put a wall between you and your enemy, often the enemy will blast the wall with a rocket. This means that your enemy now has to wait 7 seconds to fire again, giving you time to get him!
  • Messing with people. Since the Wall Builder has infinite range, you can use it on people from across the map. Probably the person you are messing with will believe someone nearby is dumping walls on him. In this way you can get two people to fight while you sneak up from behind...
  • Stuffing noobs. Put a wall in front of someone the second he fires a rocket. The rocket will hit the wall, explode, and kill the shooter. This is a very hard kill to get, but very rewarding.
  • Keeping people down. Once you get someone down with superball from a distance and cannot use Rocket you can do a wall right next to them. If you do it right it will keep people down for 24 seconds in which they cannot move. This is very useful if you are against someone better then you, and it is very fun.
  • Taking someone down from behind their wall. Some people think that the wall deflects all of the blast. It doesn't, the blast will go through as planned, even penetrating to the other side of the wall and still causing damage! So, if someone gets to close to the wall, fire away.


  • The Wall Builder creates a wall that is centered under the mouse cursor. One important thing to note is that this tool has unlimited range.
  • If you are using the Wall Builder defensively, you should press the number key to select it rather than use the mouse to click the tool button (which is too slow in the heat of battle).
  • Walls last for 24 seconds, make the most of it.