BrickBattle Guide: Superball

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The superball is one of the original GoodBlox weapons. It is used commonly is many dueling places.

Here are some tricks to make better use of this weapon:

  • One brutal strategy - Sometimes the force of getting hit with a superball will knock a figure over. If you knock someone else down with a superball, you should immediately follow up with a rocket - often the other player will take several seconds to stand up, and in the meantime will be completely unable to dodge the missile.
  • Direct shots - Superballs do more damage on a direct hit than they do if they hit the enemy after bouncing. After a superball has bouncing 3 or 4 times, it will do basically no damage to the person you want to hit.
  • Bank shots - Especially in long corridors, or when the enemy is behind an obstacle, plan your shot so that it will rebound on the target. But remember: direct shots do the most damage.
  • Overcompensate - Unlike the slingshot, the superball does not automatically hit the area under the mouse. Instead, the mouse cursor tells the superball what angle to fire at. So you can get a really high arc (and really long range) if you keep the scope several inches directly above the enemy you want to hit. Try experimenting with this in the arena. Using high arcs is a good way to get direct shots from far away - making the superball more deadly than the rocket at medium range.
  • The superball can take out you opponents in one shot very easily. To kill in one blow you must aim towards the cross point between the head,torso, and arms, if you can do this correctly you can become an offensive wreaking ball.
  • By dropping a bomb and hitting it with a superball you can make a fast and quite powerful rocket, although it's fairly inaccurate.

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