BrickBattle Guide: Bazooka

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Also known as the Rocket Launcher, this is one of the slowest, but deadliest weapons in the game.

While having an instant-kill on hand is fun, be warned of the slow rate of fire, as well as the relatively slow speed, making it easy to dodge.

If you score a direct hit to any parts of a player's body, it will result in an instant destruction. It also has splash damage, meaning you can blow off bits of an enemy's body, such as legs, arms, etc. Blowing off your right arm will result in being unable to use your weapons. Beware: Suicide can easily happen, if shot to close to an object or player, due to splash damage. Being the second most powerful basic weapon, it can also easily destroy structures, and clear an area of debris.


It takes a good bit of time (seven seconds) to reload, leaving you very vulnerable to enemy attack. The actual missile can also be interrupted with a Superball or a Slingshot round, which can also leave you in the open without a weapon. The missile also has an extremely slow speed, and is thus easy to dodge. Unless your target is close, stationary, stuck or away from their keyboard, you shouldn't use the Bazooka.

If someone else is firing a Bazooka at you, build a wall in front of the missile, or dodge it.

The rocket can be used to destroy bridges and ladders that someone is climbing. If you find yourself trying to defend PilotLuke's Battle Cube from attack, the easiest way to defend the rim is to fire a missile at the two purple stairs and drop a bomb on the black set.

Being used at fairly close range is good for killing people, because they don't have time to dodge the missile, and your not close enough to be effected by the splash. Beware: Using this strategy can easily result in accidental suicide. This should only be used by the more experienced/veteran players.