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"Online mode" is the state in which your character visits a place in GoodBlox over the internet in a multiplayer setting. In this mode, you can play with your friends in any GoodBlox place.


When you visit someone's place in Online mode, your character is put in that map other the internet. The difference between Online mode and Solo mode is that no character (other than the owner of the place) can save the changes made to that place. Instead, each character has the same abilities as the other (as far as saving changes goes).


There are key differences between Online mode, Edit mode, and Solo mode:

Solo mode differences:

  • You cannot access the Insert bar.
  • The GoodBlox Studio tools are disabled.
  • You cannot pause a game.
  • You cannot use the Explorer tab, or change the properties of an object.
  • Only the owner of the place can save the changes made during gameplay.

Edit mode differences:

  • They are the same as Solo mode differences.
  • You cannot restore the place.
  • Your camera is restricted to watching only one object. (e.g. your character's head).

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