BrickBattle Guide: Bombs

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Bombs are the most destructive and slow-to-detonate basic weapons in ROBLOX. The basic bomb flashes bright blue and pink, and makes a "ticking" sound. The ticks and color-changes speed up when it is about to explode.

Many strategies can be made for this explosive. Capable of taking down a large tower, they have massive splash damage. They can instantly destroy someone who ventures too close to the detonation. They appear above your head, and then can bounce, so watch where you are placing them if there is something that you do not want to destroy. They also react to each others explosions, just like real physics. If one explodes right next to another, the second one will be blasted far away, possibly exploding next to someone who thinks he is safe or on something that you wanted to keep.


  • Try to hide one a little out of the way where a lot of people move. If you are lucky, it will go off when someone is near, earning you an easy kill. You can also try dropping a bomb and waiting until it is near detonation. Then you can shoot a missile at it and it will roll to another player.
  • In combination with the Superball you can make great attackcombos. Drop a bomb, equip superball and shoot the bomb towards another player using a superball.
  • Use bombs to blow open the Thief's Den roof, the secret entrances and secret walls. There are also many destroyable places in the Haunted House place.
  • Use them to hinder movement: you can easily take out a tower or a bridge necessary for people to get through, such as the Sky Bridge.
  • Although it may be considered poor sportsmanship, you can place a great many at spawn locations, earning you easy kills from AFKers and slow-to-start players.
  • Anything that touches it can knock it away. Including you.

Used properly, explosives can be quite enjoyable to play with. Please be wary of the explosive radius and the ability to annihilate yourself.