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  • GoodBlox does not install or update properly

What Happens

  • GoodBlox not found by Internet Explorer – “can’t find GoodBlox”
  • Endless Install Loop – user clicks “visit” and is told to download GoodBlox; user does this, clicks “visit”, and is told to download the installer * again.
  • GoodBlox crashes when trying to connect to an online game
  • GoodBlox crashes randomly not during game play
  • You see an error message

Why it Happens

GoodBlox is Still Running When Installing

  • GoodBlox Studio is open, or
  • You recently played a game and left Internet Explorer open

What to Do

Try one at a time, in order


  • First reboot your computer and try to play; if you installed while GoodBlox was running, this will usually fix it


If a simple reboot doesn’t work, do the following:

  1. Uninstall GoodBlox: Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
  2. Reboot the machine
  3. Install GoodBlox: https://goodblox.xyz/install/
  4. Reboot the machine

Contact Support

  • Once you have tried all of the above, contact support at [email protected]. And be sure to tell them that you followed the instructions on the wiki.

How to Avoid

  1. Before updating, quit GoodBlox Studio and restart Internet Explorer