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Your bricks are speechless. You can't see or hear a thing it says. It's just a regular normal boring brick. That's why I have made this guide to show you how to your normal bricks, exciting and talkative. You will also learn about the humanoid feature.

Note: if the brick is completely invisible(The transparency is set to 1), the text will not show up. Make sure the transparency is 0.9 or lower.

Starting it up

Open GoodBlox Studio. Then click on the blank paper button in your toolbar. That will open up a new place. Editing a place in GoodBlox Studio is a lot easier than editing a place in "Play Solo". You can move your camera freely in GoodBlox Studio while you need to get past obstacles in "Play Solo".


1. Go to insert in your toolbar and select Object... "Model".

2a. Click the insert button on the grey toolbar and click on any brick. It should currently be named "Smooth Block Model".

2b. (Optional). Now make the brick a 5x1x5, or any other reasonable length, width, or height. If you want to make the brick a step-on, I'd sugguest the size to be 3 or less.

3.In Explorer, drag the brick and put it in Model. Once you've done that, rename name the "Smooth Block Model" brick "Head". Spelling and captilzation needs to be correct when spelling Head.

4.Now go to Insert in the toolbar and select Object. Select Humanoid or type in "Humanoid". Spelling and capitalization needs to be correct for that too. Now using Explorer, drag the humanoid into Model. Note: if you have "Head" selected while looking for "Humanoid", you won't find it. Click "Model" once, then look in Insert/Object for Humanoid.

You did it!

You have just made a brick that has text on it. Now if you're a good scripter, you may just want to make it a buy button or a cash adder or anything! If a buy button, you may just start GoodBloxia's next sucessful tycoon! How exciting!


Change "Model" to "First text" to make it say First text. Also you can do any text you want with that (But make sure it's good and nice).

Look in Humanoid. Find Health and Max Health. If you want one without a green bar, change both of them to 0. This is least recommended for people making npc's, but most recommended for those making buttons. That way, it will look a lot neater. If the humanoid's Health and MaxHealth is greater than 0, someone can use a weapon and "kill" it. If you are making an npc(non player character) and someone kills it, all the model's brick snaps get broken. That is why you "fall apart" when you die. But if the parts of the body are Anchored, they will not fall apart.

Script to change words

If you want the brick to say (for example) "Hi!" *waits* "What's your name?" *waits* "Me too!" *waits* Then insert this script into the head or torso.

while true do

script.Parent.Parent.Name = "Insert text 1 here." -- Change my text to your text.
wait(1) -- Change the time in between changing from the current text to the next text.
script.Parent.Parent.Name = "Insert text 2 here." -- Change my text to your text.
wait(1) -- Change the time in between changing from the current text to the next text.
--If you want it to have more text looping, copy the script.Parent.Parent.Name = "..." and the wait() lines.
--Then change to your prefernce.

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