Intro to Scripting: Make a Healing Potion

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This is an Basic, Brick related tutorial.


For now, this tutorial will show you how to make your brick heal your character when he touches it.

  1. Go to the start from your desktop, and click on GoodBlox studio.
  2. In GoodBlox Studio , go into "Edit mode".
  3. Select the brick you want to modify.
  4. Go to "Insert", then click object. Then type "Script" in the text box that comes up.
  5. Double-click the script, then a window should pop up.
  6. Remove all text inside the script, then type:

 function onTouched(part)
-- All characters have a Humanoid object
-- If the model has one, it is a character
 local h = part.Parent:findFirstChild("Humanoid") -- Find Humanoids in whatever touched this
 if (h ~=nil) then -- If there is a Humanoid then
       h.Health = h.MaxHealth -- Set the health to maximum (full healing)

script.Parent.Touched:connect(onTouched) -- Make it call onTouched when touched

This will not disappear when you touch it. If you want it to disappear, add script.Parent:remove() below h.Health = h.MaxHealth.

Advanced healing for VIPs

  1. This will mainly be good for a VIP room. This make their MAX health = 1000, and heals them to their maxhealth.
  • Code
 function onTouched(part)
 local h = part.Parent:findFirstChild("Humanoid") 
 if (h ~=nil) then -- If there is a Humanoid then
       h.MaxHealth = 1000
       h.Health = 1000


Brick-Less Healing(One use)

  • This is useful if you don't want people continuously healing.
bin = script.Parent 
Debounce = false 
function onButton1Down(mouse) 

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer 
if player == nil then return end 
if (Debounce == false) then 
Debounce = true 
local h = player.Character:findFirstChild("Humanoid") 
mouse.Icon = "rbxasset://textures\\ArrowCursor.png" 
h.Health = h.Health + 50 --This is how much the player gets healed.

function onSelected(mouse) 
mouse.Icon = "rbxasset://textures\\ArrowCursor.png" 
mouse.Button1Down:connect(function() onButton1Down(mouse) end) 


Just put it into a HopperBin.

Making a Spawning Health Pack

Make a Part and place this in it.

if script.Parent.className ~= "Part" then --Ensures that this is located within a part.

function onTouched(hit) --When activated:

local h = hit.Parent:findFirstChild("Humanoid")--This searches for a humanoid in whatever it touched.
if(h ~=nil)then --if a Humanoid tagged as "h" is found
     h.Health = h.MaxHealth--Sets the humanoid's max health, as it's health.
     script.Parent.Transparency = 1 --This makes said part visible.
     script.Parent.CanCollide = true --Makes said part solid.

script.Parent.Touched:connect(onTouched) --Activates the "onTouched" function.