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An "Instance" refers to an Instance of an Object, hence the name. Instance is a very useful piece of script. It can be used to create just about anything, and it is used often in Anaminus' Script Builder, and adding Messages via scripts in many places.

It is different from:

local o = game.Workspace.Object:Clone()
o.Parent = game.Workspace

Instance actually creates an Object from scratch, instead of copying from somewhere else. In the next section, we will take a look at some examples.

Creating a Message

local msg ="Message")

msg.Parent = game.Workspace
msg.Text = "Hello."

In the above script, you see that "" is creating a new object, a message, and making it's variable name "msg". The rest of the script then tells "msg" what to do.

Creating a Part

local p ="Part")

p.Parent = game.Workspace
p.Name = "Brick"
p.BrickColor =

p.Anchored = true

In the above script, "" is creating a Part Object, with a variable name of "p", and again, the script tells it what it wants to do. This script is very useful indeed.

Creating an Explosion

local e ="Explosion")

e.Parent = game.Workspace

In the above script, "" is creating a Explosion Object, with a variable name of "e".

Creating Sparkles

local g ="Sparkles") --This creates the Sparkles

g.Parent = game.Workspace.Player.Torso --Change Player to your Character's name and Torso to a part you want the sparkles to be in, so its basicly saying that the Sparkles will go in Player's torso.