How to copy places

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Copying a place for your own enjoyment is simple - you can even save other peoples places. This will not work if the other person's place is Copy-Locked.


  1. Run GoodBlox Studio. Browse to the place page. Click Edit.
  2. Once inside you can do one of several things.
    A. Choose File Menu > Save As, and save the world to your computer and under the name you want. You can then edit the place to your liking.
    B. Choose Publish to ROBLOX and put it in one of your place slots. You can add more slots on your My GoodBlox page if you are in Builder's Club.

Note: Before deciding to publish the place that you copied, be sure to ask the person you copied from first! If the users map is CopyLocked and you want it make your own version, be sure to notify the creator. It's polite.