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This Wiki is intended to help new players get a start in the GoodBlox world, and to help more experienced players get the basics of code.

If you want to edit a page, there is a very good tutorial on how to do so at Wikipedia's Help center, which can be found here. Everything is the same, since Wikipedia and GoodBlox's Wiki both run on the same Wiki HTML code, MediaWiki. You can also find other topics there, at the main Help center Here.

This page contains information provided thoughtfully by the creators and users of WikiPedia - The Free Encyclopedia which is a free resource under the GNU Free Documentation License, found Here.

Please note that this is just a page that is intended for help with the Wiki, not the game. See our many articles on how to play and build in the game. If you have a question that is not answered here, PM pizzaboxer or any sysop. They will make a page about it, or send you a direct answer.

For more information about the wiki, see GoodBlox_Wiki:About. For information about the Wiki's Version, see Special:Version.