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Lua Scripts
Scripts in Lua that you can use, or learn from

Land Vehicles
Any cars/trucks, etc. (working or not) that people have made

How to Make a Plane
How to make a plane

Pre-fab buildings people have made

War Devices
Things that shoot, launch, or go BOOM

Ideas that people have come up with, or are testing

How to Make GoodBlox Movies.

Comics that people have made in GoodBlox, or groups of screenshots.

All about T-Shirts.

Miscellaneous Models
Models that people have made that don't fit other model types.

How to Take Screenshots
A short tutorial on how to take screenshots.

Anim8or meshes made with a mesh maker or you can learn from.

List of GoodBlox Sites
Awesome GoodBlox fansites.

Request Lua Feature
Have idea you want the devs to add into GoodBlox? Put it here!


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