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The Insert panel is a tool that loads premade stuff or just simple 2x1x4 or 4x1x2 bricks. Models are saved objects that are made out of bricks. You can then place them in your own place, so you don't have to go through the struggle of making them yourselves.

You can get to the Insert panel by clicking on the button in solo-mode.

Browse by Category

The models in the "Insert" are organized by category.


The "Bricks" section holds multicolored 2x4 bricks. These are the basic bricks and can be resized using the Resize tool.

Example: A Bright red 2x4.


Premade robots with hinges and motors to make it move. Most of these can be controlled using the UJHK keys just like the WSAD keys.

Example: Attacking Bug- Chases the nearest player.


Premade chassis are put here. All of these are controlled using the UJHK keys just like the WSAD keys. These can be used to make cars and tanks.

Example: Micro Chassis- Same bricks used to make the Attacking and Fleeing Bug.


Several items for your disposal. If you click one, there will be a window that says, "Put this in the StarterPack?" If you click yes, the icon will appear at the lower-left corner of the screen. If you click no, the item will appear on screen.

Example: Trowel- Makes a wall of bricks.


Sets of furniture made by users for a contest. These are good for a house. They work like bricks- but they are in a group. Drag them to where you want them at.

Example: Toaster- If you touch it, it makes toast.


Premade roads are used for cars and such. Just like furniture, they are in a group. Drag to where you want it. Simple as dragging one little brick.

Example: Crosswalk- A 4-way intersection with places for people to cross.


Pictures that are in the background. These go in the Lighting section, and can be edited with any picture you want (make it appropriate though).

Example: Alien Red- The sky is red and wavy. Perfect for a planet place.


Made by GoodBlox users, these are billboards with custom-made images. These are more useful for decoration than anything, because they are meant to be random.

Example: A Very Bloxflakes Christmas- Buy Bloxflakes and THEN we will release Santa!

Game Objects

Very useful for battle maps, these contain flags, a Leaderboard, and spawn points. Vital for any map, this is going to be important for any sucsessful map.

Example: Neutral Spawn Location- If you get bloxxed, you will reappear here. The ultimate need for any map.

Free Decals

This is similar to Free Models, it's a list of free user uploaded Decals.

Example: An image of Pie.

My Decals

This is where all of your decals show up. Not much else.

Example: A list of pictures of cake you've uploaded.

My Models

This is where all of your models show up. You know how it goes- pick one, drag it to where you want it, deselect it. You can get back anything you need.

Example: A list of models you've made.

Free Models

This is where ALL models appear if they are put up as public. You know how it goes- pick one, drag it to where you want it, deselect it. This is the center of premade stuff. Luckily, there is a Search function, so you can find what you are looking for through all those models that people put up. Just type what you want, and then hit the Search button. Please beware though that some people might not want you to use their models. The FREE MODELS section though, is probaly best to use if you want to make a cool place.

Example: A giant list of models.(also if you go to the catalog and search models you can get very cool ones there too!)