I Got "Hacked"

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If you log onto your account and see that you have been banned for something you have done, you have NOT been hacked. You have been banned by our Staff Team and you will have to wait until your ban is over, or if you feel you were banned wrongly, appeal.

Help! I got "hacked"! Someone stole my account and now he's meeeeeeeeeeee!

What Actually Happened

Take a deep breath. First of all, there are no hackers. You did something that wasn't smart and now someone has your account. You might have:

  • Told another user your password, either on GoodBlox or in real life.
  • Left yourself logged into GoodBlox on a computer that other people can walk up to and use.
  • Written your password down someplace and your irritating older brother found it.
  • Signed up for or validated GoodBlox with an email address that other people can read. Or you changed your account email to something other than your own. The other person clicked "I forgot my password" we sent an email to them with your password recover link in it.
  • Picked one of the top 10 most easy to guess passwords like "password", "passw0rd", "asdf", or "qwerty"

If you're going to do anything on the internet, it is important that you learn that giving information to people is a bad idea.

Why you Have a Problem

If you think someone else has access to your account, you should quickly take steps to solve the problem. Someone with your account password can:

  • Spend all your tix/robux
  • Delete all your stuff
  • Do bad stuff that will get your account deleted
  • Outright delete your account

What to Do

Login to your account, go to your My Goodblox page, click "Edit Profile" and click "Change Password". Enter a new password. Re-do the Verify email step.

Log out. The last step is important - logging out will log out anyone else who might be on your account. Congrats, you are now the proud owner of your account.

Help! I Can't Login

Someone has logged in as you and changed your password. If you have verified your account via email, you can click the "I forgot my password" link on the login page, and we will send you a new password. Login to you account with that password, change it to something you will remember (but not the old password - the one someone else knows), and log out.

Help! I Can't Get a New Password Sent to Me Because I Didn't Verify my Account and GoodBlox Doesn't Know my Real Email

DM on Discord or message a Good Leader or a Staff member on site and we'll get it sorted. However, we will need proof with your old password and screenshots of you being in your account.