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Revision: 11/28/08

This is subject to change without notice.

We encourage volunteers and community members to help us expand the Wiki. However, there are a couple of guidelines you need to know before editing. These are different from the rules of GoodBlox, but are still expected to be followed. Maintaining the Wiki is a lot of work. Follow these and we won't have a problem:

  • Don't edit the Wiki if...
    • You can't string a coherent sentence together.
    • You have a question to ask, post it on the forum or discussion for that page.
    • You can't spell correctly.
    • You can't use proper grammar.
    • You are otherwise going to make an idiot edit.
    • You don't understand any of the words in this guideline.

You will be instantly banned if you...

  • Break any GoodBlox rules.
  • Call people names.
  • Spam in general.
  • Posting offensive material.
  • Post hacking related messages.
  • Do something we feel is harmful.

Make sure that a similar page doesn't already exist.

This is becoming a major problem here. We don't need 50 scripting tutorials or the like. If a similar page already exists, then you don't need to make a new one. If you want to edit a duplicate page, put it as a user subpage.

Don't make user-place specific pages

If you make a page that is about a specific place, person, website (other than GoodBlox), creation, model, etc, it will be removed. See the Player Created page for a list of locations to put these things. You can also add these as user subpages, but NOT ARTICLES!

This isn't MySpace.

No personal pages other than userpages. If you want to advertise your place, post it in the forum, not here.

Evading Bans

Any attempt to evade a ban by making a new account will result in a permanent ban. If we catch you, we're banning your main account as well. Don't do it.

Project Pages

Do not edit or make these unless you have been instructed to. "Project Pages" have "GoodBlox Wiki:" before the name. Feel free to comment on their discussion pages.

Discussion Pages

Discussing pages for articles are not meant to be filled with personal drama. They're for the discussion of that page. Take care of your personal business elsewhere (like your talk page), but not there. So, if someone called you a noob the other day, and you see his comment, do put anything pertaining to that on the page. In other words, don't say "UR A NOOB."

Resolving Conflicts

If you have been banned from GoodBlox Wiki, the GoodBlox Forum is not the place to cause more conflict, spamming posts, getting angry, etc. If you disagree with your ban, your best bet is to try to resolve your conflict in a mature manner. In other words, throwing fuel on an already existing fire does not help extinguish a fire. Sometimes, if you just wait out a ban and learn from your error, it will do amazing things!


If you need any help, feel free to ask any GoodBlox staff.

One more thing. If you're here to cause trouble your account on GoodBlox will be traced and you will get yourself a ban. So if you just want to be funny don't do it here.

Should you feel that something needs to be edited, go here: Needs To Be Edited.