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This page in a nutshell:
GoodBlox is for having fun, that's all there is to it. Despite being 13+, we ask that you keep an attitude like you would in a classroom, to keep an united and mature community. Don't yell at others constantly, don't excessively swear, and don't post anything you wouldn't see in a G-rated movie. If you break any of the rules listed below your account will take a punishment, ranging from a warning to a complete blocking from GoodBlox, depending on your history and what it was you did. Read below for the specific guidelines.


At GoodBlox we have a simple 4 strikes system for dealing with Abuse Reports. When a player is reported a moderator checks what was going on at the time to make sure it's a real offense. The real offenses is listed below. Once we've decided the player did something wrong, by our standards, then the following actions are taken.

  1. Warning - kicked out and asked to read the TOS
  2. Three-day Ban - kicked out and not let back in for 3 days
  3. Two-week Ban - kicked out and not let back in for 2 weeks
  4. Account Deletion - everything is deleted and you are not let back in for as long as time

Please note that any of these "strikes" may be skipped and your account may be instantly deleted depending on the offence.

Deletion may look harsh but the player had at least four chances to learn the rules of GoodBlox and didn't change their behavior. It's easy to protect your account. Just play by the rules! Moderators also have the power to ban for 7 days at a time, and will excercise this power if necessary. If you play by the rules then you can play without interruption.

What about false reporting or threats of being reported? Well, the moderators look at the entire chatlog from the server, and look to see if anyone was doing anything against the rules. Sending in a report does not mean that the person you reported is going to automatically be banned, it means that one of the moderators will look at what everyone was saying and decide the proper action. Accusing someone is not enough to get them banned. And, reporting people for silly things just wastes our time as moderators. Spamming the report system is not tolerated and will result in action taken against you instead of the person you reported, especially if the moderator has a lot of reports and you're wasting their time.

Please note that one report is enough. making more isn't going to speed up the process, and will actually make it slower. Report the user once, and make sure that you tell in the report what it was the offender was doing.

Reportable Offenses

  • Excessive Swearing

The use of constant bad language during in-game chat or on forum. If we as moderators can figure out what the swear word would be then it counts as profanity.

  • Threatening or Intimidating

Any action or verbal dialog that may threaten or intimidate another player is prohibited. This means real world threats. Threatening to bloxx someone or push them into lava is part of the game. Don't say things like, "I'm going to find you and kill you," or "I wish you death," which is a real world threat.

  • Spamming

Sending useless messages to another user is prohibited. Posting lots of useless text on the forums is prohibited as well.

  • Advertising

Constructive comments and criticism of GoodBlox are welcomed throughout the game. Any promotion of other products or services on GoodBlox is prohibited.

  • Asking user for their password, account trading

Asking another GoodBlox user for their password, either in-game or through messaging is strictly prohibited.

  • Sexually oriented conversation

Any sexually oriented chat or behavior is prohibited. This includes trying to get players to date you or having sexual contact with you, and threatening them sexually. No asking for boyfriends or girlfriends is allowed.

  • Asking for Identifying information

Asking for any information about another user (age, location, phone number, email) will result in an account action. Placing information such as your street address, hometown, name, school, age, etc. can allow people to find you, which would be a bad thing. Hobbies, or game you play would be OK, but not revealing information. If you think some information may not be OK to tell to others, double check before adding it to your profile.

  • Bad Places

The GoodBlox moderators may decide a place is bad for the community. The moderator may delete the place completely and give you a moderation notice.

Rules: A GoodBlox place may not be realistically violent, horrific, gory, morbid or in any way sexual. The place may not contain swearing or break any of the other rules of GoodBlox. Additionally –

  • No Terrorism
  • No Pro-Extremism (Nazis, Communists, Islamists etc.)
  • No wars (or military conflicts) from within the last few years
  • No contests
  • No dating
  • No marriage and family roleplay
  • No 9/11 jokes
  • No glorifying/denying genocides (Armenian genocide, Holocaust etc.)

See some Examples of bad places and places that are OK.

Make sure to back up your place using the “File > Save As” menu link in GoodBlox Studio; this way, if your place is deleted on the GoodBlox website your work is not totally lost. It is possible the place just needs a minor change to be appropriate – if so, you make the required change and re-publish it.

So what's not a real offense?

We don't consider these real offenses - Calling each other silly names like noob and dummy, shooting each other in games set up for bloxxing combat, killing members of your own team, pushing each other off terrain that is high. Those things are just part of the game. Also, we can't enforce the rules of any one's world so if you want a "no killing" place then take out the weapons and dangerous terrain!

Remember that your rules on your place are not reportable, so if your place says "don't steal the flag" and someone does exactly that, we won't do anything to that someone. You must make your own systems to deal with them if you want custom rules enforced, we won't do it for you.

However, players can be given a Warning when their behavior is very mean spirited and repeated over and over. This is a game for having fun, so ruining some one's fun is considered an offense.

Additionally, you can mock history and make fun of it, even if it involves making fun of Nazis or Communists. It is only when people openly support these horrific organizations where we shall take action immediately.

We suggest using pre-made admin commands on your game using the ToolBox, and employing your close friends to help you moderate your game. We are not responsible if one of your friends destroys your place using the admin commands, as we do not make them.

Account Deletion Actions

Severe violations of GoodBlox Community Guidelines will result in immediate deletion of a user account. Some actions are so bad that the player doesn't get three strikes.

  • Predatory Behavior

Any actions of a predatory nature will result in the immediate destruction of a user account and a report will be filed with the authorities. Asking users about their real information and stalking fall under this category.

  • Offensive Account Names, Profiles, or Place descriptions

Accounts with obviously offensive text will be immediately banned and changed to [ Content Deleted (number) ].

  • Accessing another user's account

Maliciously accessing another user's account will result in immediate take-down of your account, and the account you have accessed compromised until further notice.

  • Impersonating a GoodBlox Administrator

Any user who impersonates a GoodBlox administrator or employee, either through chat or their profile will have their account taken down immediately.

  • Using Exploits, Glitches, or attempting to bypass GoodBlox security

Users found to be using exploits or glitches or in other ways attempting to get around the rules of GoodBlox will be deleted. Such activities should be reported immediately to an Admin and not used for personal gain.

Image Upload Guidelines

GoodBlox allows users to upload their own images for the purpose of decorating their character and places. All uploaded images are screened by human moderators. Inappropriate images are removed from GoodBlox. Users who upload innapropiate content may be warned or banned (depending on level of offense). All images must be suitable for viewing by everyone aged 0-999.

  • Guidelines
    • No photos of real, not famous people including users, kids, parents, etc (Youtubers, Celebrities etc. are exempt from this rule.)
    • No imagery that would not appear in a G-rated movie
    • No advertisements/material from competing brands (be they online games or plastic building block toys)
    • No images with subversive intent
    • No images with offensive text
    • No images with drugs or drug related items
    • No nudity or suggestive images
    • No gory or bloody things
    • No real guns/swords/other weapons

Important Links