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These are the standard weapons on the GoodBlox games. There were once a set of Featured maps on GoodBlox, before the custom user games took over. These maps can be found scattered about, but they are outdated and some of the code may not work properly anymore. This page is left for archival purposes, as you can still find the weapons around GoodBlox.

The wall builder creates a wall that is centered under the mouse cursor. It has unlimited range. Walls last for 24 seconds. It can be used defensively to shield an attack or offensively to annoy other people.

The sword can be only ranged with a short distance around you, but does great damage. Click once for a basic slash, or click twice for a devastating lunge!

Time Bomb
Time bombs look like orbs that flash blue and pink. The faster a bomb ticks, the closer it is to explosion. These can destroy large structures instantly that might not be destructible with other tools. It will deal splash damage within a certain radius. Also, it is affected by other bombs, so one bomb can push another by exploding.

The slingshot has a fast reload time, allowing rapid fire. The projectiles react to physics, so they knock over loose brick, walls, etc. The projectiles will automatically arc to a target, but it has a maximum range.

The rocket is the most used weapon in the game. It deals a one-hit KO, but has a long reload time. The rocket reacts with bricks, so if it hits another object, be it a player, or a brick, or a bouncy ball, it will explode on contact. They can easily be blocked by a quick wallbuilder tool, slingshot balls, or another rocket.

Game Tool
This little tool lets you grab bricks that are not locked and move them about, so you can make an impromptu fort. It can move nearly everything on a map, and if someone forgets to lock a model, you can tear it apart.

The superball is the weapon with the longest range. It has a high maximum range and can bounce extremely far. The ball reacts with physics, so it can be used to block other shots. It will deal less damage after each bounce, so hitting the target without bouncing is best.

The flamethrower emits small particles which spread out upon firing. It deals high damage, but has a very short range.